Movin' On Up

I have decided to move my page to one more designed for photos. The new address is http://shashin.phototage.com.


Morning Rush

Taken in Shinhamamatsu, the last stop on our train line. It captures Japan: the rushing, the ceaseless motion, the 80's style high heel boot draped with a gold chain...


Gone Fishing

A final shot of the materials used in fishing on the late.


The Nets

Continuing the fishing theme, these are nets that were hung out to dry.


The Boat

I started to make this picture part of a triptych ( like this one), but I decided I liked it so much I would leave it on its own.



This week's Friday Challenge is Warmth.


Tools of the Trade

I work in a small fishing town on Lake Hamanako. Catching eels is a popular trade there, and the other day I stumbled across some nets and such sitting on a dock.


Miss Monroe and the Morning Paper

This is the metal door of an eye glass store that I pass on the way to teach one of my early afternoon English classes. I only wish that the mail slot was just a little farther over to the right...


Corroded Kanji

Taken at a temple that is sort of on my way to work. Kanji are the Chinese characters that are used in Japan.


Straw Men

I don't know if this is properly called straw. It's part of the rice plant, collected by farmers and bundled into these little piles. I suppose it's kind of like the Japanese version of hay bales. The fields are full of them right now.


Great Expectations

I don't know how I feel about this picture. I like the content, but in the processing I wound up going for a news print kind of feel. I don't know if I quite got it. The little boy is the same one from the center picture yesterday.


Mochi Nage

This weekend my wife and I attended a Mochi Nage. A Mochi Nage is a party held by a family who is building a house. The family stands on the second floor (or I suppose the roof if there's only one floor) and throws a variety of snacks down at a group of friends and future neighbors. It's meant to bring good luck to the family and to apologize for the inconveniences of building a house. Mochi is one of the snacks that they throw. It's made of rice, but I can't really describe the texture or taste. It's 'unique.'